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Python vs Script-Fu: plugins or scripts

This seems to come up fairly often.  Non-programmers often have a difficult time understanding what to do with scripts and plugins they download for use with GIMP.  It isn’t clear what the difference is between them.  What constitutes a script

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Cool Tip: Zig-zag pattern

This very cool trick comes from Saul Goode, courtesy of the GIMP User Mailing list.  To create a zig zag pattern very quickly… Select the top half of your layer, enter Quick Mask mode, and run  Filters->Distorts->Ripple with the Smear,

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GIMP and multicore processors

I wasn’t aware of this till recently but GIMP 2.6 has an option for setting the number of processors to use for certain processes. Multiple cores are like multiple CPUs except they all live in the same chip.  Most modern

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Finding color profile information in a file

There is an ongoing discussion on the GIMP User mailing list regarding color profiles.  One user was having problems with GIMP reading proper profile information from files produced by Pentax cameras.  It turns out that the camera was placing the

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Building GIMP 2.7.x from source (GIT)

I’m preparing to update my GIMP book and decided it would be best to work from the source repository.  A long time ago that repository was in CVS and you needed to download a bunch of GTK related packages as

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Praise for the book

Patrick Horgan posted a nice review of the book to the GIMP User mailing list.  I have not asked permission to repost it here, but since it’s a public mailing list I thought it would be okay. I mentioned some

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GIMP Paint Shop documentation english translation

I found a translation fo the GIMP Paint Shop PDF documentation.  See the update at the bottom of the GIMP Paint Shop announcement. Update: I’ve also rewritten this translation back into OpenOffice and PDF formats and improved upon the format

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Resources: Textures and Patterns

I saw this posted on the GIMP User mailing list.  It’s a site devoted to providing free textures.  I thought it might be of interest to a few folks: The textures are essentially a large collection of stock photography.

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GIMP Paint Studio Collection

Ramón Miranda has released GIMP Paint Studio (GPS), a highly polished collection of brushes and palettes along with configuration files that will change the way you use the GIMP.  The collection includes nearly 100 new brushes and 15 palettes.  The

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GIMP in Hollywood slides

I’ve posted the slide presentation from a talk I gave last April in the Tutorials section.  This will be old information for long time GIMP users but might be of some interest to those who don’t know the interesting history

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