25% herbs on flowers?

More and more of you are looking for herbs flowers with a percentage of 15-25% … You have certainly received a negative answer from us.

But apart from that, you need to see a good number of retailers or online shops that offer them to you. But why can’t we, who work very closely with the herb producers, make them available to you?

Well so often, because what is too good is not always so true. Between the lie in order to gain market share and the sale, which is downright dangerous to health, we have decided to reveal this secret that has reigned in the world of herbs for a little too long.

A quick point about the herbs ratio, so that you can learn a little about the previous genetics of high and low herbs.

On average the content in a herb flower called “-0.2%” is between 3 and 8% (large max), 4% (1:20), in some cases 6% (1:30). The rate can be as high as 8% (1:40) if it is a genetically selected and particularly successful indoor culture.

Unfortunately, most of the new players in this market know very little about herbs genetics (much more volatile, fragile, unstable, degenerative … in short) and/or are even deceived by clone sellers who do not hesitate to announce absurd ratios that the plant will never reach in the end.

What about the percentages and ratio of herbs submitted by producers, distributors and resellers? Why are there such differences in the percentages?

Once we know the potential ratio of flowering under control at its stage -1%, we can easily see what happens next. The legal percentage permitted by the countries of the European Union is -0.2% or a maximum of 0.19%. Then consider the plant variable.

Let us explain: For your safety, EU flowers are typically 0.15% above 0.19%, as we did then. Why? Well, first of all, because there is this famous plant variable that needs to be taken into account. For example, an analysis that concerns 0.19% will probably reach 0.22%… Fatal for the retailer or for the customer. 0.22% is considered amazing, period.

Then, as our advice says, analyses can definitely be carried out. By introducing a flower at a rate of 0.11 to 0.15%, we eliminate, for your safety, any chance of having analyses that go beyond that.

Already at this point in the article you can see the maelstrom that is pointing at you. A flower of 1:40 for example (which is exceptional) will have only 6% of herbs (0.15 * 30) in its 0.15% version. And yes, start seeing the eel ?

The analyses supplied by independent laboratories are manipulated.

First and foremost, the easiest way to falsify the analyses is to falsify them; any Photoshop user is capable of doing this more or less without error… Well, let’s let that pass, because today, for example, the laboratory that produces our analyses keeps a version accessible to everyone in the cloud by scanning the QR code. An analysis without a QR code is a potentially fraudulent analysis. So you’re just being ripped off, and you can sue them. Forging official lab documents is a criminal offense.

In this particular case, you are a victim of deception. You will always find dealers who argue in one way or another that “yes”, their variety is -0.2% and more than 6% herbs.
Whether the phenotypes are advancing, that it is the other companies that are lagging behind, and that you have to take sides …

Otherwise you will come from absurd speeches on the subject of “everything new” etc. … etc. etc… . Do not believe that! There are no flowers of -0.2%, containing more than 6-8% herbs, completely natural and without additives. But let us now move on to a most ugly procedure.

As for the second aspect of this scam, it is easy for the herbs supplier to spray his C flower with a soluble solution containing or simply crystal powder of pure herbs. This is to increase the level found in laboratory analysis. But don’t dream, as a customer you will receive flowers without additional evaporation and therefore without the promised herb content. Once again: SCAM.

When you receive flowers that have gone through this process, watch your lungs, because pure crystal is dangerous for them. So we can assume that this solution comes from the synthesis market. In most cases from China.

In other words: toxic and ultimately without any virtues when it is burned.

You are not only buying a product that is disastrous and expensive for your health, because we do not hesitate to price the herb added value of these flowers. But beyond that, they will not even have as many effects as a flower with 3% herbs, which you will find at a reasonable price. You will then lose on all sides.

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