Mango lassi with herbs

What is Lassi?

The world of fermentation

Lassi is a fermented milk drink that has become quite popular in recent years. However, fermented milk is not a new practice, and people around the world have been adding live cultures to milk for thousands of years. In fact, there is evidence that mankind has been fermenting milk since 10,000 BC. Fermentation extended the shelf life of milk and prevented the spread of food-borne diseases. Yoghurt, skyr, laban, ayran and kefir are just some of these fermented delicacies that have enriched the lives of their consumers and the cultures that created them. However, Lassi is the lucky drink that has earned my attention today.


India is the proud birthplace of Lassi. This spicy drink is made from a semi-solid ferment known as Dahi. Dahi is a cultivated dairy product very similar to what is known as yoghurt. Lassi is made from Dahi mixed with water, optionally with fruits and spices. There are many popular variations of Lassi that are enjoyed all over the world. Some enjoy them sweet and spicy like a mango Lassi, while others enjoy a more savory experience like the “sambharam” that uses curry, cilantro, green peppers, and other spices to awaken the palette.

Not only is it limited to the Indian subcontinent, but lassi has also experienced a huge boost in popularity in the Western world in recent years. You can find ready-made lassi drinks in health food stores or you can buy a cold lassi on a hot day in many cafes, cafes and restaurants. Its enduring popularity and universal appeal is due to its undeniable exquisiteness.

Historically, Lassi is made from fermented dairy products. Modern non-dairy cultured yogurts such as cashew yogurt or soybean yogurt have made lassi accessible to the vegan market.

Health Benefits of Lassi

Since Lassi is a yogurt drink very similar to kefir, it is also full of probiotics. Drinking Lassi aids in digestion and reduces bloating. Being exceptionally high in calcium, it is also good for your bones. Some have speculated, quite rightly, that Lassi also stimulates your immune system.

Lassi (and Herbs) Handle

There is no doubt that the most popular and iconic variety of Lassi is the mango. Mango Lassi balances its creamy, tangy body with sweet, tropical fruit. The addition of mango not only creates flavorful results but also adds health benefits. This super fruit is full of vitamins and minerals. It is excellent for the intestine and digestive system, beneficial for the eyes and extremely useful for skin and hair. These super fruits add that extra touch to an already healthy and delicious drink.

Mango Lassi is typically made with mango pulp, Dahi or yogurt, and cow or nut milk. Delicious on a hot day or served as a dessert, Mango Lassi tickles the taste buds of even the hardest to impress.

A popular presentation of mango Lassi is with the addition of herbs. As if it weren’t full of health benefits, the addition of herbs provides an extra boost.

The oil or distillate of herbs can be added to a ready-made Lassi or during the mixing process for an added medicinal kick. 6 or 7 drops of herbal oil or tincture or 20 or 30 milligrams of distilled powder are sure to give your Lassi the extra energy you need.

Herbs Handle Lassi

Lassi comes in all kinds of flavors. Some are salty, some are sweet, and you can use a variety of fruits. My favorite flavor is mango and for this recipe, you can use canned mango flesh or fresh or frozen mango cubes. If you use fresh mangoes, be sure to choose a sweet, ripe mango. If your mango is not ripe enough it will be sour, but you can also add honey to make it sweeter. I like to add some ground cardamom on top, but this is optional.

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