Troubleshoot Air Conditioner Problems

Have you ever discovered that your a/c often makes a decision to malfunction at the worst feasible time. Like for example would be throughout a very extensive heatwave. You definitely would like that it not occur like that but if it does, there are some basic problem shooting steps you can take. Listed below you will certainly locate a listing of things to seek when trying to establish your cooling problem. This can go a long way in saving you some money on your air conditioning service technician.

Part 1: Device not working or not on …

1 – Ensure the thermostat gets on (if its electronic you will see something on the screen).
2 – If the Screen is blank, make sure the batteries are good. If not, install new ones. If they are great or the thermostat is not powered by batteries, most likely to tip 3.
3 – Check your breaker to see if it is stumbled, if so reset breaker and see what takes place (there is a factor it stumbled and also this is a time to call your service technology. otherwise got to step 4.
4 – See if your separate or devices are in the on placement, if not turn them on, if they get on, you could wish to see if the control fuse is bad.
5 – This could be something for a service tech to inspect, as there is constantly a reason for merges to blow.


Part 2: Device on and also not air conditioning.

1 – Always see to it that your thermostat gets on or reading. If not inspect the batteries.
2 – If your device gets on, examine to see if the outdoor system is on. Compressor located inside your outdoor unit and also fan ought to be on.
3 – If the fan is turning it may be difficult to hear the compressor. An excellent examination to see if all is functioning is to place your hands on both the copper lines leaving the device (Split System). The smaller sized line must be warm and the shielded larger line ought to be cool. If the bigger line is not cool or sweating, you have a problem and also a service technology is needed.
4 – If the smaller sized line is hot and also the bigger one is somewhat cool, shut off the unit and also wash the outside unit condenser coil and reboot. If this does not work, its time to call a service technology.

Part 3: Device not cooling down. Bigger line iced up outside.

1 – If your device is not cooling down and also you noticed the bigger suction line (insulated) frozen right back.
2 – Turn your outside system off as well as circulate the follower only to defrost the system.
3 – There is a factor it is iced up: Dirty Filters, Low on Refrigerant, Negative indoor follower electric motor.
4 – Dirty Filters: Replace filters and turn back on nevertheless ice has been thawed from interior coil.
5 – Short on Refrigerant: Call a service tech to leak check, repair service leak (or change dripping part and also charge system up.
6 – Poor Fan motor: Call solution tech to change.

We hope this provides you an excellent idea of what to try to find if your air conditioner starts to breakdown. Learn more tips on how to find a great air conditioning contractor by reading this.